This Report was instigated by Jane Barker CBE (Chair of the General Committee) and Nick Butler (Vice Chair of the Executive Committee) of the Athenaeum Club, London.

The Club has long had an interest in the challenges facing the world, and this Report is offered to the country, as a contribution on the occasion of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since its foundation almost 200 years ago the Athenaeum has avoided taking a position on issues of public policy. In keeping with that tradition this report is the responsibility of its authors and not of the Club.

PRG - Health care and social services - Autumn 2020.pdf

The authors of this Report are:

  • Dr. John Llewellyn, Chair

  • Professor Jeremy Black

  • Sir Cyril Chantler

  • Sir Martin Donnelly

  • Paul Greatbatch

  • Lord Nicholas Macpherson

  • Edward Smith