Beyond Brexit: a programme for UK reform

As its first major activity, the PRG invited experienced, expert practitioners across a range of key policy areas to propose what they judge needs to be done in their respective policy areas. Similarly-expert ‘critical commentators’ were invited to assist the authors with constructive comment at the drafting stage.

The resulting book

Beyond Brexit: a programme for UK reform advances policy proposals that have the potential to make a material difference at an affordable cost; are based to the greatest extent possible on international best practice; are practical and feasible, given the history and nature of British society; and are capable of appealing to a political majority.

"The opening paragraphs of the piece on trade policy should have been mandatorily sent to every British household (before they voted in the Referendum!).

... In a series of logically-set, plain-words chapters the PRG seeks to wrench people and their posturing from the current obsession with Brexit, and to set out some relevant and mostly appealing policy options for GB to be a better place by, say, 2030. "

- Prof. Neville Norman, Hon. Principal Fellow Department of Economics, University of Melbourne

Beyond Brexit: a programme for UK reform is available in the special FREE 250th edition of the November NIESR Review. (Access below)

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Launch events have been offered so far by the NIESR, Chatham House, and the British Academy.